Breast Prothesis & Prosthetics in Tacoma & Federal Way

Preferred-Orthotics-and-Prosthetic-Services-19A mastectomy is the surgical removal, partial or complete, of one or both of the breasts. A mastectomy is usually performed to treat breast cancer.

A lumpectomy removes the cancerous tissue and preserves the breast.

Patients with breast cancer may decide to be treated with a lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Patients often believe they will have better success rates in treating their breast cancer if they elect for a mastectomy.

If tumors are present in more than one quadrant of the breast, a mastectomy will be recommended.

Mastectomy Recovery Breast Reconstruction Breast Prosthetics

Not all patients undergo breast restoration when having a mastectomy.

In fact, the majority of mastectomy patients do not have a breast restoration surgery performed. Patients who do not have their breast reconstructed may be prescribed prosthetic treatments after their mastectomy.

After patients undergo a mastectomy they will have to adjust emotionally to the loss of their breast(s). Patients may be prescribed prostheses which can help the patient adjust to life after a mastectomy. Breast prostheses can help patients regain confidence lost after undergoing a mastectomy.

Preferred O & P Services provides ABC Certified care for patients being fitted for post-mastectomy prostheses.

Preferred O & P Services ABC Certified Mastectomy-Fitter expertly assists patients with post-mastectomy prostheses and care.