Upper Body Orthotics Arm Elbow Forearm Wrist Hand Cerfical Collars

Preferred-Orthotics-and-Prosthetic-Services-19Upper body orthotics are devices attached to the upper body which improve function and assist in healing.

Upper body orthotics will be prescribed as part of a positive rehabilitation program aimed at help the patient regain the functionality of a diseased or injured limb.

Our practioners fit patients throughout Western Washington with upper body orthotic devices.

Preferred O & P Services practitioners expertly fit their patients with upper body orthotic devices and carefully monitor their progress.

Patients who require upper body orthotics may have suffered a traumatic injury or have a chronic illness. Patients suffering from scoliosis can slow down the disabling effects of the disease with upper body orthotics.

Patients who suffer from fractured arms benefit greatly from the use of upper body orthotics.

Upper Body Orthotics include:

  • Preferred-Orthotics-and-Prosthetic-Services-30Spinal Orthotics
  • Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthotics (TLSO)
  • Lumbro Sacral Orthotics (LSO)
  • Sacral Orthotics (SO)
  • Clavicular & Shoulder Orthotics
  • Arm Orthotics
  • Elbow Orthotics
  • Forearm Wrist Orthotics
  • Forearm-Wrist-Hand Orthotics
  • Hand Orthotics
  • Cervical Collars


Patients fitted with upper body orthotics at Preferred O & P Services are carefully fitted and monitored in ensure the greatest success.

Use of upper body orthotics aids a patient in regaining important functionality and independence in life.